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Nursing Units

Inpatient Medical Unit

The inpatient/medical/telemetry unit at Artesia General Hospital is for those who require either chronic or acute level care.  This modern unit is staffed full-time with registered nurses, aides and doctors who are specially trained to care for hospitalized patients.  Care is provided in collaboration with the patient’s provider and other members of the Artesia General Hospital healthcare team. 

Our nurses, health professionals and patient care services support staff, are guided by knowledge, enabled by skill and motivated by compassion.  Patients are our primary focus and the way we deliver care reflects that focus every day.

We believe in creating a practice environment that has no barriers, is built on a spirit of inquiry and reflects a culturally competent workforce, supportive of the patient-focused values of this institution.

Acute Care

Artesia General Hospital’s Acute Care unit provides care to a wide variety of patients.  Advanced technology and a highly trained staff are ready to meet the needs of patients recovering from surgery, acute illness or infections, heart attacks, accidents, strokes… the entire spectrum of medical needs.  Our staff is dedicated to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to all patients both during their hospital stay and through discharge planning to make their transition to home easier for both patients and families.  Our Discharge Planner is available to assist with discharge planning, insurance questions, advance directives,  as well as assisting with the coordination of other services.

Intensive Care

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Critical Care Unit (CCU) is equipped to deal with a wide variety of critical care needs, including medical, surgical and cardiac care.   Each of these private rooms is equipped with a monitoring unit capable of monitoring the heart rhythm, pressures inside the heart and other vital signs.  The nursing staff is specially trained to care for patients with multiple diagnosis such as heart attacks, lung disease and post surgical care.

Medical and Pediatric Care Unit

The medical unit cares for respiratory and cardiac disease, pneumonia and circulatory disorders.  Patients, both adults and children, may be admitted from the hospital Emergency Department, nursing homes or direct admission from offices of the active medical staff.  The nursing staff has a variety of nursing experience that provides a team approach to provide excellence in patient care. 

Telemetry Monitoring

Telemetry monitoring is the monitoring and analyzing of data that are received at a distance from their source.  In a hospital, as in Artesia General, this refers to a certain way of monitoring a hospital patient’s heart activity.  In the context of cardiac monitoring it serves the same purpose as an ordinary heart monitor, with the difference being that the patient is fitted with a transmitter which sends the data to the area of the hospital where the telemetry monitoring occurs.

One of the main advantages of telemetry monitoring, as it is used in hospitals, is that it can allow the patient, if the doctor advises, to get up and move around within the device’s transmitting range.  In many cases, this is highly preferable to having a patient confined to a bed so that his/her heart’s activity can be observed.  

Surgical Unit

Patients return from the Operating Room and Recovery Room to the Surgery Unit where they may remain until discharge.  The staff monitors patients closely and instructs patients on how to care for themselves when they return home. 

Centers of Care