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How to Pay Your Hospital Bill

Artesia General Hospital’s Business Office is pleased to file insurance claims for our patients.  It is important for you to provide accurate and complete insurance information at the time of registration. 

Depending on the services provided, you may receive one or more bills. For example, in addition to the hospital’s bill, you may receive a statement from other providers such as Radiologists, Pathologists, Nurse Anesthetists or Emergency Physician’s. 

Regardless of your health insurance carrier’s payment determination, you are responsible for payment. 

To ensure accurate filing, please do the following:


It is essential for you to know if your insurance or managed care plan requires pre-certification for inpatient and/or outpatient services.  If pre-certification is required, please inform your physician prior to your scheduled visit and/or hospital stay so that when you arrive at the hospital there will be no delays.  If you are admitted via the Emergency room, the hospital will notify your insurance company of your hospitalization.  Please help us protect you from having your insurance claim denied for failure to pre-certify.  Also, failure to pre-certify may result in reduced benefits and/or denial of your insurance claim.  Billing your insurance with correct information will expedite the process and your bill will not default to you as a self pay. 

Payment Options

Artesia General Hospital provides numerous alternatives for patients to pay their outstanding debt.  These include, but are not limited to, cash, personal check, money order, credit card (Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express) and short-term payment plan.  ** Please review Financial Assistance on this web site

Billing Statements

As your health care provider, we are concerned not only with your physical well-being but also your peace of mind.  When you receive your hospital billing statements, you will find a telephone number for any questions you may have.  Please note that we have contracted with an outside service in Houston, Texas, and they are ready to answer your questions.  If you need local assistance with your billing questions, our Admissions Department is prepared to assist you.  Call 575-736-8121 for assistance.

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